Thursday, May 7, 2009


Not quite yet, but so close I can taste it! I turn in a paper tomorrow (which I will be slaving over for the rest of the afternoon/night), and then that's IT. I am officially done with law school. I'll be graduating on May 17th, and then I'll have hell to pay studying for the bar, but at least I'll be done with more finals, no more papers, no more classes! I've been a student for 20 years straight out of my 25 year-long life. I don't really know my life without school. And 7 of those years have been at UM, meaning that part of my daily routine for the past 7 years has involved going to the same campus for classes, studying, socializing, whatever. It's the end of an era! I'm sure years from now, looking back, I will miss being a student and I will miss "the U." But right now, I'm just excited to be done...FINALLY. Here's to moving on with my life!


  1. yay congratulations!! What kind of lawyer are you going to be?

  2. Congrats!!!! :)

    by the have been awarded over at my blog...check it out.