Thursday, April 30, 2009

There's a frat guy in my uterus...

That, or the little lady in there doesn't have the daintiest of palletes. Gaby told me he had Zinger Melts (boneless chicken wings smothered in sour cream and melted cheese) for lunch today and I almost had a foodgasm. Then I started fantasizing about another one of the Alehouse's specialties, their smothered cheese fries, and that almost sent me over the edge with jealousy over the fact that he got to eat there for lunch and I didn't. And for weeks now I have been dying to go to Hooters so that I can have some of their curly fries dipped in the hot cheese sauce. YUM!

Too bad that, in reality, if I sat down at one of these restaurants and someone put one of those plates in front of me, I would probably only be able to eat a fraction of the portion I used to. But, oh man...I would savor every bite!


  1. oooh Zinger Melts...I haven't had one of those in years. They are yummmy!

  2. u have been tagged yet again at my blog :)

  3. Ha. That was pretty funny. Ive never had zinger melts but now I am craving one lol