Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8 weeks and a handful of days

I am so swamped right now with school and a special project I'm on for work. I'm really behind on blogging - reading and posting. Next week will likely be worse since I have a final and a paper due. I don't want to fall behind on my pregnancy posts, but it will likely be another week and a half before I get back to regular, non-baby related posts.

I'm officially 2 months this week, which means in just about four weeks I'll be out of the first trimester...YAY! The first trimester is a scary place. There's so much that can go wrong in those first few months, and the risks decline dramatically once you enter the 2nd trimester. The 2nd trimester is my happy place. I know it will be an extremely hectic and stressful few months while trying to prepare for the bar, but I am really hoping that my body and my baby cooperate and that it turns out that what the majority of pregnant women say is the case rings true for me - that the 2nd trimester is the most comfortable. I can't really complain because the 1st trimester hasn't been too terrible. I am mainly hoping that my "pregnancy brain" subsides a little bit and allows me to study and actually retain information.

Here is my belly today...still no real progress:

I felt disgustingly bloated today. I've gained a pound, which I'm guessing is probably bloat and boobs. Speaking of boobs - they're getting big. And heavy. And when I say, "getting big," I should really say "getting bigger" or even "getting more gigantic." I was a 32DDD (equivalent to a 32F) before getting pregnant (a lovely gift from Mother Nature) and they seem to be getting bigger and heavier by the day. My bras still fit me, but they're getting quite snug. I am just praying that I fit into at least a few of my bikini tops come June when we're going on a week-long cruise with my parents.

This was the week of snacking. I still can't eat big portions, but my appetite for snacking is big. Watermelon is a big one...I was craving watermelon so much on Monday that I got in my car and drove to the store to buy some. I'm also eating a lot of saltines (spread with either cream cheese or peanut butter), cashews, cheddar & sour cream Ruffles, string cheese, cheddar Goldfish, Wheat Thins, and Bluebell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. That's right...the sweet tooth is back. Well, not totally back, but that ice cream is seriously the most delicious thing in the world. Freaking delicious.

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  1. yay for the sweet tooth being back! just in time for me to move back to miami and bake lots of sweets for you. i can't wait to see a little belly!