Monday, March 23, 2009

Nice dog!

From this Apartment Therapy post

Love the couch, love the dog! Gaby has always wanted a bulldog. Since I met him, whenever the topic of dogs came up, he'd reference his future bully, Rocco. Well we are maxed out right now in our condo with two dogs, and they are most definitely not bulldogs. I think bulldogs are cute (especially the puppies!), but the thought of owning one scares me. #1, that slobber...ick. And #2, they are infamous for suffering from a lot of different health problems. I know how emotionally and financially taxing that can be, and it's a big detractor. Still, it's always been Gaby's dream, so who knows. Maybe once we have a house with a yard we can look into a little boy bully rescue to join our girls.

The picture was prompted by a question sent into Apartment Therapy about where to find a "modern, but not too modern, leather couch." This describes my aesthetic perfectly..."modern, but not too modern." Our dark brown leather couch is the centerpiece of our living room (with its wear and tear of doggie destruction and all), and G loves it. As much as I love the look of elegant, cream-colored, slip-covered sofas, I think we'll always be "modern, but not too modern" brown leather couch people.

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