Thursday, March 26, 2009

Soooo me...

You know when you come across an item that is "sooooo you"? That's how I feel about almost everything in the Etsy shop of rennes-le-château. Her gorgeous leather pieces are so me! I am NOT the kind of woman who has a million purses in her closet and is always switching around depending on the outfit. I buy one or two good bags every year or every other year, usually a big and a small, and I stick to those and switch around amongst them. For bigger bags, I gravitate towards simple, unfussy yet luxe leather in neutral colors. For small bags, I also stick to neutrals or metallics and go for small clutches. I believe I first came across this particular bag on Bryn's blog, and it was love at first sight:

I love, love, love it! It's just so me. Although this pinkish neutral is darling, the bag also comes in this gorgeous cognac-y brown:

Swoon! This version is not available in the shop right now, but I hope it will be again. Because the next time I'm due for a new bag, this is the first place I'm checking.

P.S. How freaking adorable are these iPod cases?

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